Walter Voulaz presents Objects (In the Name of Love)

Milan Design Week, 17th to 21st of April 2012

Walter Voulaz presents Objects (In the Name of Love)

There could be no fashion place more suited to host this exhibition: the new mono-brand store of Walter Voulaz, the Italian designer internationally regarded since his first collections as a ‘master’ of the shirt. The exhibition areas are part of the historic building that houses the famous Grand Hotel et de Milan, which had among its guests personalities such as Giuseppe Verdi, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Maria Callas and Rudolf Nureyev. The ‘OBJECTS (IN THE NAME OF LOVE)’ exhibition is a collection of objects of affection owned by 40 contemporary protagonists. A handful of stones from the American deserts of the Far West, the ‘30s ashtray of an architect who designed Milan, an art book, a mirror that accompanied four generations of women, the Dylan Dog comic strips, the plaster cast of a hand of a Venus, an old BMW mask for a generational on the road… An exhibition on the sentimental value of things, the invisible bond that links men and memories, turning a simple object into a (silent) witness of the times.

Walter Voulaz

Via Manzoni 29, Milano
Tel. (+39) 02.72001676


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