The new interactive Disney Store

In Milan

The new interactive Disney Store

With its innovative concept design, the new Store is a magical destination for children and their families. A place where to taste the Disney magic in the heart of the city. The new hi-tech look, launched in America and in Europe in the summer of 2010, has ensured the success for this new project. The cutting-edge technologies are designed to give life to a unique shopping experience, and to make the time spent inside the Store the best 30 minutes in the day of a child.
The new Disney Store will be animated by video clips showing those moments of “Italianness” in the classics cartoon by Disney and Pixar – such as the Porto Corsa sequence, from Cars 2, the unforgettable scene of the spaghetti dish in Lady and the Tramp, or the various clips taken from Pinocchio, set entirely in Italy. These videos will be part of a spectacular fountain projected on the Store skyline, synchronized with a magical musical background exclusively created for the occasion.

Disney Store

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 30 Milano


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