A cutting-edge vegan restaurant


Ghea vegetarian restaurant is a multidimensional laboratory that nourishes the body, mind and soul. A must destination and a meeting point which offers Mediterranean dishes, transformed and embellished by the intelligent cuisine of Chef Antonio Tomaselli, who creates delicious culinary alchemies in his open-view kitchen. Ghea arose from the vision and the passion of three friends to contribute to a sustainable way of life for all living beings, and the environment that hosts them. With the awareness that each food choice has a crucial impact on the Earth’s ecosystem, Ghea uses organic foods – possibly zero mile goods – and no meat products. Every night, from 6pm, you can enjoy an happy hour called ‘Everybody Happy’. This is the schedule for March:

- Friday, March 8, the Women’s Day, the most voted cocktail created for the occasion by barman Nicola Giglio Veg will be offered to guests. Its ingredients will enhance the feminine essence respecting health, well-being and good shape;

- Tuesday, March 19, the new frontiers of vegan cuisine will be revealed by Simone Salvini, head chef of Pietro Leeman’s Joia, the famous starred restaurant. The creator of a beautiful, tasty and healthy vegetarian cuisine will unveil some of his secrets through a demonstration of one of his recipes;

- Friday, March 22, Lorenzo Ferrante will present food choices so you can live without suffering;

- Tuesday, March 26, healthy food for all with Michele Riefoli, who will explain why GMOs can not solve the problem of hunger in poor countries, and why meat diets are ecologically and economically unsustainable, as well as being a threat to health.

Reservation is required for each night at 02-58110980 or 335-6509296.


Via Valenza, 5 Milan



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