The Arabesque

Elegant vintage garments and not only, in Milan

The Arabesque

The interior furniture consists of items with an extraordinary personality such as the armchairs designed by architect Livia Zanuso, the forties-style chandeliers by Venini and the magnificent bed head by architect Buffa, converted into a display rack. Nothing is trivial in the interior spaces of L’Arabesque in Milan, including vintage garments. There is the scent of couture fashion show and the rustle of dream garments by prestigious brands. Inside this cult store on Largo Augusto in Milan, Chichi Meroni wanted to recreate a journey in the period between the thirties and the sixties, which begins with a collection of tailor-made black dresses designed with a sophisticated and international spirit. And you can find a lot of vintage accessories too, thanks to a passionate search around the world: glass jewellery and Matisse enamel; Miriam Haskell necklaces; Whiting & Davis, Pirovano and Roberta di Camerino perfectly preserved handbags; a unique set of perfume bulbs by Caron into which everyone can distil his favourite fragrance; Histoires de Perfums and Mad et Len refined scents; fragrances for the environment by Saint Parfum Authentic Senteur and Laboratorio Olfattivo; moire boxes with pieces of amber to refresh the cabinets. Plus, a sophisticated line of lingerie in silk with powdery colors, a pure white shirt collection, leather pumps by Porselli and also sexy fifties-style shoes in crinoline and suede. And for him? Vintage ties by Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Hermès, and a series of books called “The unobtainable” which hints at a high-class lifestyle. You can not leave empty handed, because even the shopping bag is a collector’s item: a fine bag of blue paper with quotes by Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Françoise Sagan.


Largo Augusto, 10 Milan
Tel. (+39) 02.76014825


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