Harmont & Blaine new store in Milan

At corso Matteotti 5


The new Harmont & Blaine mono-brand store is an over-500-sqm space on 3 floors with 6 shop windows in the heart of the fashion capital. The dachshund brands will arrive at the fashion district of Milan in the month of June, during the fashion week. It will host all the men, women and children’s clothing collections of the brand, plus accessories. Next the new store on Corso Matteotti, confirming the central role of the city of Milan in the international fashion system, Harmont & Blaine plans to complete the purchase of an important space in which to transfer their showroom by spring. With the new flagship store in Milan, Harmont & Blaine concludes the consolidation of the brand in the Italian retail segment, which saw, among others, the spreading to 200 square meters of the mono-brand store in Palermo and the opening of 12 new Harmont & Blaine Jeans boutiques in many shopping centers of the peninsula.

Harmont & Blaine

Corso Matteotti, 5 Milan