Tartufi & Friends Truffle Lounge

A new flagship store entirely dedicated to truffles

Tartufi & Friends Truffle Lounge

A unique place with a double aim: to tell the world of truffles through a proper meal, or by a faster  ”take away” of gourmet sandwiches. Tartufi & Friends is housed in two rooms – the white one dedicated to the take away and to the whole range of truffle products, the black one with table service for a luxury brunch or a quick snack with the creations by young chef Jean Christophe Reali from Gambero Rosso’s School of Professional Cooking. Located in the heart of Rome, this food boutique embodies the best of Made in Italy excellences, from the truffle sauce with honey to fresh truffles and 100 other products, offered in an elegant location which pays attention to ancient traditions. An idea by Eleonora and Angelo Sermoneta, already famous in the world of fashion and point of reference for Roman luxury shopping, who have already scheduled many other international openings (London, Paris, Milan, Moscow) to give the possibility to foreign people of deepening their knowledge of truffles, a symbol of Italian excellence in the world.

Tartufi & Friends

Via Borgognona 4d, Rome
(+39) 06.32111150


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