Et Voilà Carousel by Chantecler

Light, play, color. Jewelry in silver and enamel

Et Voilà Carousel by Chantecler

A dazzle of light. A flash of color with the new Carousel creations, which now enrich the Et Voilà collection of jewels, the only one made in silver by Chantecler. A traditional Italian brand, inextricably linked to the Dolce Vita in Capri, which has become an international reference point for its highly original jewelry. The new Carousel collection is perfect to mix & match its elements, and change your look. Original jewels that are very easy to combine and wear in different ways, depending on the mood and taste of the moment. The pieces are in pure silver and enamel, all with precise manufacturing: it takes five layers of enamel to obtain this fullness and liveliness of curved surfaces. The enamel pendants and the iconic bell-shaped earrings have a particularly complex production process. The other icon of the brand,  the famous rooster, appears in the convex circular element that you can see in the earrings, pendants, nice hair clips and bracelets with string.


Via Santo Spirito, 5 Milan
Tel. (+39) 02.37011903


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