Alberto Guardiani celebrates the 2012 London Olympics

A Limited Edition Toki

Alberto Guardiani celebrates the 2012 London Olympics

The unique hand-painted Toki sneakers celebrate the British capital and the Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II, the reopening of the Tate Gallery. These are just some of the important events that in 2012 will bring London under the spotlight around the world.
Alberto Guardiani celebrates in his own way the United Kingdom metropolis and the British style, dedicating an original reinterpretation of one model of his historical shoes: the Toki sneakers. The Toki London 2012 are the stars of the Guardiani Sports PE 12 collection. The characteristic silhouette that has made them so successful over the years is renewed with new details, starting from the soft white leather with suede inserts used for them. The colors of the Union Jack are drawn by hand with shades of pictorial inspiration, the perfect backdrop for the skyline of the city where you recognize some of the most famous monuments such as the London Eye and the 30 St Mary Axe. The iconic five rings of the Olympics turn into funny multicolored eyes.

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