The Pollini boutique on via della Spiga joins the FuoriSalone hosting two creations by Mehrnoosh Khadivi of London Craftwork studio, the same architect who designed the recently opened Pollini store. The English architect wanted to merge technology and craftsmanship in these two exclusive works installed inside the Pollini shop from the 17th to the 22nd of April. ‘Mirror Drop’ is a geodesic dome hand made entirely of yellow mirrors which completely absorb and reflect the surrounding space, creating an unexpected and surprising play of light and shadow effects. ‘Wool Works’ is an huge installation in fabric made entirely by hand with natural wool and aluminum wires. The visual effect is a three-dimensional framework made of woolen threads woven with aluminum tubes and enriched with macramé and pompom knots.


Via della Spiga, 15 Milano
Tel. (+39) 02.76015351


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