Calligaris at the International Furniture Fair 2012

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Calligaris at the International Furniture Fair 2012

For almost ninety years, the Calligaris company has been producing furniture items of great quality.
Over time many things have changed. Not the passion for the ‘beautiful and artfully done’.
From this passion that drives each project, together with the use of new and traditional materials combined with the collaboration of expert designers, fascinating products come to life. Stylish, functional, reliable, affordable and versatile. For all these qualities the Calligaris products are so well-known and successfully distributed in Italy and worldwide. The Calligaris new ideas for 2012 reflect this philosophy in a complete way. Comfort, careful design,  variety and high-quality of materials: these are the leitmotif of the new collection, that includes chairs, armchairs, tables, coffee tables and a rich selection of upholstered furniture. Despite their typological and formal variety, all the new products are ideal for everyday life, and the many ways to live and enjoy the house. All beautiful.


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